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Photo Gallery

33MW Mixed Fuel Powerhouse

Initial Design Rendering

3D Model - 33MW Powerhouse

Full 3D Rendering

Site Progress- 33MW Powerhouse

Aerial Photo - Mid April '21

Site Progress-33MW Powerhouse

Aerial Photo -End April '21

Site Progress 33MW Powerhouse

Site Progress Week 2 May '21

Taparko Powerhouse Audit

Kevin and the Team

Taparko Powerhouse Audit

Jan and the Team

Taparko Generator Rebuild

Juan Programing a Controller

MAK3 Overhaul

Engine Stripping - Day 2

MAK3 Overhaul

Engine Stripping - Day 2

MAK3 Rebuild

Juan Progressing With Stripping

Bissa Powerhouse Audit

DBCon with the Bissa Team

Dominic and Regin

PMO Construction Supervisors


Richards Bay Office Staff

Hot Water Plant 3

Hot Water Plant 4

MCC Assembly

MCC Backboard

Accumulator Model

BAT Model 2

Hot Water Model 2

Package Plant 1

Package Plant 2

Residential Solar Hybrid Model