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ABOUT DBCon Global
"Thinking Outside The Box"
Our logo, the Rubic Cube, with detached sections, depicts our ethos of carrying out our business in a way that is multi-faceted and considerably more than ordinary.  Our exceptional, versatile abilities put us in a class outside of the average and we are constantly striving to improve our own high standards with the aim of leaving a legacy of excellence for future generations.

 "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"  Sir Isaac Newton. 1676

We are detail-oriented, result-driven professionals who specialize in offering business consulting services spanning a range of service areas.  We started off our careers like most professionals, performing the tasks allocated to us.  But, as time passed, we realised that we were working more and learning less.  We also began to realize that, at any given point of time, there was more than converged upon our tasks than we could see.  We, in our own individual way, realized quickly that the key for us was to learn across the board, and that the services we offer must converge various areas of expertise.

Quickly, we began to learn about others areas of work that were related to our core expertise and began figuring out ways to improve each by enhancing the other. Things, as they say, led to things, and we started off our consulting careers by consulting for the very organization where we worked as full-time employees. After that, there was no stopping.

We have been consulting now for a number of years and have been adding more and more to our skill-set in terms of both capability and insight.  With every contract, therefore, we bring more on board and are able to reflect enhancements in our skills in all other projects at the same time.  If you are looking for a team who can understand your business and offer guidance and materials that can help you enhance your existing bottom line, that's us!

Dbcon is currently in the process of achieving ISO 9001 certification.